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View or upload project ideas and expressions of interest

Presentations and billboards are publicly available via the EFFRA Innovation Portal.  You can look for project ideas here: project ideas overview..  All that is required is registering in the portal and accessing the Innovation Database ('Projects and project ideas').

Presentations of expressions of interest in the format of presentations or billboards, can be posted on the EFFRA Innovation Portal.   Please be aware that you can update your uploaded file at any time.
If you are already familiar with the instructions below you can go straight to the project ideas overview.

The call documents:
For FoF-2017 please refer to these pages.

You can download templates for presentations and billboards here (but these are not mandatory): Presentation template & Billboard template.  (The templates are also downloadable from the pages where you create and fine-tune your project idea)

Once registered and logged in, you can post your expression of interest or project idea on the Innovation Portal by going to ‘Your project ideas – the PPP Infodays’.

For any question, please contact chris.decubber@effra.eu.

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