Board of Directors

EFFRA is managed by a Board of Directors whose members are elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years. The composition of the Board reflects the diversity of European manufacturing and includes suppliers as well as customers of production technologies, trade associations, research centres and universities.

The Board convenes two to three times per year and oversees, amongst other matters, the drafting of research priorities, membership policy, financial management and cooperation with the European Union. As the central decision-making body, the Board of Directors appoints the Executive Director of the association as well as the Chairman of EFFRA’s Industrial Research Advisory Group (IRAG).

  • Mr. Maurizio Gattiglio





    Mr. Maurizio Gattiglio is Executive Vice-President of Prima Industrie S.p.A, a leading engineering corporation operating worldwide in the field of industrial lasers, sheet metal machinery and electronics.

    Mr. Gattiglio has worked within the Prima Group since 1986 where he has occupied a number of different positions in research, development and innovation, customer support, manufacturing and management. He holds a number of patents of invention in the areas of coordinated measuring machines and high power laser technology.

    Mr. Gattiglio is also member of the Board of Directors of Prima Electro North America and a member of the Manufuture European Technology Platform High Level Group.

    Maurizio Gattiglio obtained a degree in mechanical engineering in 1984 from the Polytechnic of Turin.

  • Mr. Dietmar Goericke
    Vice Chairman







    Dietmar Goericke is research director at VDMA, the German association of mechanical engineering industries which has 400 staff members in six different countries worldwide.

    Mr Goericke has been with the association for over 20 years and managed numerous research projects in the fields of mechanical engineering and combustion engines. In 1998, he was appointed research director and is currently responsible for pre-competitive industrial research at VDMA.

    Before joining VDMA, Mr Goericke worked in industry and contributed to several projects for the Columbus laboratory of the European Space Agency.

    Dietmar Goericke holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from the Technische Universität Berlin, where he focused on aeronautics and astronautics.

  • Dr. Egbert-Jan Sol
    Vice Chairman







    Dr. Egbert-Jan Sol is chief technology officer at the science and industry division of TNO, a Dutch contract research organisation which employs 4,500 people.

    Dr. Sol works within the triangle of industry, government and research to help define the future contours of industry in the Netherlands. He began his career as a systems architect and project manager at Hoogovens and development manager at Philips before moving on to Ericsson, managing a 500-strong research and development centre.

    In 1990-98, Dr. Sol also worked as a part time professor of technology management in manufacturing automation at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Dr. Sol is actively involved in several technology centres and initiatives in the Netherlands and is co-founder and chairman of Digital City Eindhoven.

  • Mr. Adrian Harris







    Adrian Harris is Director General of ORGALIME, the European engineering industry association which represents the interests of the mechanical, electrical, electronic, metalworking and metal articles industries in Europe.

    Mr Harris manages a team of 27 executive and support staff who cover policy areas ranging from regulation, standardisation, public procurement and the promotion of new and innovative technologies.

    Before joining ORGALIME in 1996, he worked for more than two decades in various corporations in the fields of engineering and agri-industry, both with extensive overseas interests.

    Adrian Harris obtained an M.A. in languages from Jesus College, Oxford, and an MBA from the Catholic University of Leuven, where he majored in finance.

  • Prof. Thomas Bauernhansl





    Prof. Bauernhansl is director of the Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management (IFF) at the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA. Since October 2012, Prof. Bauernhansl is also head of the Institute for Energy Efficiency in production (EEP) of the University of Stuttgart. He is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Technology in Stuttgart.

  • Mr. Eduardo Beltrán







    Mr. Eduardo Beltrán is the Innovation and Technology Director of the Mondragon Corporation, a business group containing 250 businesses that employ 84,000 people.

    In the past, Mr. Beltrán has served as General Manager at Koniker S Co-op and as Technical Director at Corpreci.

    Mr. Beltrán holds a Masters in Electronics and Control and a Degree in Physical Sciences (specialising in electronics and control) from the University of the Basque Country.

  • Dr. Rikardo Bueno






    Dr. Rikardo Bueno is the Director for the Research Programmes Area at Tecnalia, one of the largest private organizations in R & D in Europe with around 1500 researchers. Tecnalia is active in many areas of industrial research and has the goal of generating economic impact and business opportunities from the applied research activity.

    Dr. Bueno has been active since 1989 in European research projects. This involvement has mainly been in the fields of manufacturing and industrial systems, where he has coordinated the integrated project NEXT - Next Generation Production Systems, a key research initiative for the machine-tool sector.

    Dr. Bueno coordinates the Spanish Manufuture platform and participated actively in the setting up of the Factories of the Future PPP initiative. He holds a PhD in Engineering as well as a Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Mr. Stephen Burgess


    Stephen Burgess is Manufacturing Process and Technology Director at Rolls-Royce PLC - a world leading a world-leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea and in the air.

  • Dr. José Carlos Caldeira







    Dr. José Carlos Caldeira is President of ANI (Agência Nacional de Inovação) - the Portuguese National Innovation Agency. He is also member of the MANUFUTURE High Level Group and Chairman of its National and Regional Technology Platforms Group (representing the Portuguese national initiative - FÓRUM MANUFUTURE Portugal).

    More recently, he became executive director of PRODUTECH, a cluster of more than 70 organizations targeting the development of production technologies for the manufacturing industry and Board member of EFFRA (as observer).

    Since 2006, he is Board member of ISPIM – International Society for Professional Innovation Management.

  • Prof. George Chryssolouris








    Prof. George Chryssolouris is Professor at the department of mechanical engineering and aeronautics at the University of Patras in Greece. The department has around 70 researchers, working on production systems planning and control, software development, innovative manufacturing processes, quality control and virtual reality engineering applications.

    Between 1980 and 1993, Professor Chryssolouris worked at MIT and was chief executive officer of the national Greek telecoms operator OTE from 1996 to 1999. He has published more than 200 articles in international scientific journals and was adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece on education and technology policy.

    George Chryssolouris holds a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Hannover.

  • Mr. Herman Derache







    Herman Derache is the director for innovation at AGORIA, the Belgian federation for technology industries.

    Mr. Derache has played a key role in the development of Sirris, the Belgian collective centre for technological industry, and in the development of open cooperation between companies and universities in Flanders, similar to PPP model at European level.

    Mr. Derache also serves as Managing Director of Sirris. He has a background in mechanical engineering and has occupied key positions at the University of Leuven.

  • Prof. Heinrich Flegel







    Professor Heinrich Flegel is the chairman of the ManuFuture European Technology Platform which deals with future manufacturing technologies.

    Professor Flegel previously served as a member of the supervisory board of Daimler and also served as director of advanced manufacturing engineering at Daimler, working in positions within CAD/CAM, process engineering and machining technology.

    Heinrich Flegel obtained a Ph.D. in applied computer sciences from Karlsruhe University.

  • Mr. Massimo Ippolito




    Mr. Ippolito is Innovation Manager at COMAU an Italian multinational and global supplier of industrial automation systems for the automotive manufacturing sector.

    At COMU Mr. Ippolito is responsible for the identification of, and management of, partnerships with companies, establishing appropriate networks for national and international projects and the supervision of cross-functional teams in the following areas: product data & life-cycle management knowledge management, cost-management, enterprise application Integration & interoperability.

    Mr. Ippolito has a background in engineering and has previously occupied research and innovation positions at CRF, FIAT and CNR.

  • Dr. Bernd Korves







    Dr Bernd Korves is Department Head and Global Technology Field Leader for production networks and factory planning at Siemens Corporate Research and Technology.

    Siemens is a German engineering conglomerate that employs 405,000 people world-wide with over 30,000 employed in research and development. The corporation’s annual research and development expenditure amounts to €4.3 billion.

    Since 1999, Dr Korves has held numerous positions at Siemens including post-automation director of product development and engineering, project leader at the Executive Office and programme manager at digital factory and innovation. Prior to his time at Siemens, Dr Korves was engaged in the academic study of 3D real-time visualisation of computer assisted shop-floor layout planning.

    Dr Korves holds a Doctorate from the University of Birmingham having previously studied at Technische Universität Hannover.

  • Prof. Berndt-Thomas Krafft







    Berndt-Thomas Krafft is general manager and CEO of FMMI, the Austrian federation for the machinery and metal-working industries. In this capacity Dr. Krafft is responsible for the efficient and effective delivery of the priorities of FMMI, an association which works on legal and economic framework conditions to ensure that the companies of the machinery and metal-ware industry compete successfully on a global level.

    Dr. Krafft has previously held senior positions in the Austrian mechanical and steel construction and the Austrian public service. Dr. Krafft’s background is in industrial association management and law. law.

  • Mr. Joaquim Menezes







     Joaquim Menezes is chairman of the Board of Directors of the IBEROMOLDES Group, a leading supplier of engineering services and value-added products.

    Mr. Menezes co-founded IBEROMOLDES in 1975. He is also President of Centimfe, the Portuguese technology centre for the moulds industry.

  • Prof. Peter Post







    Peter Post is Chairman and Head of Research at Festo AG & Co. KG. Festo is a major an industrial control and automation company.

  • Mr. Pierre Perdoux


    Pierre Perdoux leading manufacturing activities at Airbus & Airbus Operating System

    Pierre Perdoux has worked in automotive industries for more than 20 years where he has held numerous positions in Plastic Omnium and Faurecia managing many sites worldwide related to R&D, operations and programmes. He joined the aeronautic industry in 2012 as COO of Aerolia.

  • Mr. Daniel Richet







    Daniel Richet is director for development at CETIM (the French institute for research in mechanical engineering), Vice President of the CETIM CERMAT and CERTEC laboratories, and represents the French mechanical industry on behalf of FIM (the French federation of mechanical industries).

    Mr Richet graduated in mechanical engineering and automation. He is specialist in production engineering and safety. In the past Mr Richet has worked as a project manager for several major industrial companies and was CEO of the French national agency for production engineering.

    Mr Richet is also actively involved in several research and technology centres and industrial labs. He is charge of European R&D policy and of the international investments strategy and business developments for the CETIM group.