EFFRA is composed of small, medium and large industrial enterprises, research organisations, universities, associations and related stakeholders from across Europe. Explore the table below to find out how EFFRA membership can benefit you and how you can join.

EFFRA Brochure | Membership Application Form

  • EFFRA enables you to share your ideas with other members and shape future research priorities and related policy...

    Engage in a creation and consultation programme to produce our strategic research multi-annual roadmap, a key part of the ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership.

    Identify future priorities that create research call topics within the European Commission for which it provides support.

    Experience the unique opportunity to shape our influential research priorities with your ideas.

  • EFFRA has a diverse community of members. They meet frequently, offering you the chance to...

    Take part in members-only research workshops.

    Share your experiences and learn from those experiences of other members, accessing networks that form ‘Factories of the Future’ projects.

    Engage directly with experts from areas you may never have encountered before.

    Access the existing, well established networks built by individual members.

    Network building can contribute to the formation of research consortia that take part in the 'Factories of the Future' programme.

  • Involvement in EFFRA helps to raise the profiles of your organisation...

    Online promotion of members' events and activities via EFFRA Live social media.

    Direct promotion of your events via the EFFRA events calendar and Update, our monthly members' e-newsletter.

    Promote your organisation and your projects at EFFRA events and workshops.

    Increase your visibility at EFFRA and European Commission workshops, conferences and forums.




  • EFFRA maintains a highly motivated and professional team to provide you with support...

    Provision of a first point of contact for all of your enquiries.

    Members-only area of our website with discussion forums on research priorities and other areas of interest.

    Advanced access to our 'Factories of the Future' projects database.

    Monthly members' e-newsletter, 'Update', with the latest news on matters of interest and upcoming events.

    Informed public affairs, information meetings, liaising with key individuals and meeting policy makers.

    We engage with our members to identify their needs and are constantly improving our services to meet them. Your needs are important to us!

  • Application for EFFRA membership takes place in three stages:

    Applicants send the EFFRA membership application form with accompanying documents (proof of legal status) to the EFFRA Executive Director.

    The EFFRA Board of Directors review the list of applicants and can then grant provisional membership.

    The General Assembly of EFFRA takes the final decision and converts provisional membership into full membership.

    EFFRA stays in touch throughout the process to keep the applicant informed.


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