Factories of the Future for Aerospace

on 23 November 2016.

On 22 & 23 November EFFRA (supported through the FoF-Impact coordination action) and Aerospace Valley in collaboration with CAPPADOCIA European project and Regional Council Nouvelle Aquitaine, held a workshop under the theme “Factories of the Future for Aerospace”.

The aim of the workshop was to stimulate the take up of results of pre-competitive projects in Aerospace industry and present actual and future innovative trends and emerging technologies. The workshop featured four Parallel ‘Pitch’ sessions, which focused on providing short and to-the-point presentations (‘pitches’) about innovative manufacturing technologies and approaches. Presentations were approximately ten minutes long.

The sessions covered the following themes:

  • Pitch Session 1: Product and Process Simulation
  • Pitch Session 2: Factory automation
  • Pitch Session 3: Advanced Material processing
  • Pitch Session 4: Collaborative supply chain

In addition to this workshop, the European project CAPPADOCIA hosted a side-event focusing on future opportunities in aerospace innovation and inter-clustering.