Stakeholder Consultation Positive on Public-Private Partnerships

on 27 April 2017.

BRUSSELS, 27 April. The European Commission’s stakeholder consultation on Horizon 2020, part of the ongoing mid-term assessment of the EU’s research programme, has reported positive feedback about Horizon 2020 public-private partnerships (e.g. Factories of the Future).

Recently published, the results of the consultation state that respondents see Horizon 2020 public-private partnerships as “promising tools to increase the introduction of R&D&I application in real markets”. Furthermore, respondents also found the partnerships to be very beneficial for new collaborative opportunities. Collaborative projects, including those deployed through Factories of the Future, were found to be one of the most relevant features of Horizon 2020 to industry and academia.

Overall, 76% of stakeholders reported that Horizon 2020 grants met their needs. Stakeholders clearly expressed a need for grants to remain the primary funding method of Horizon 2020 and that Horizon 2020 funds should not be used for the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI).

Conducted online, the consultation received 3, 483 responses. The outcomes of the consultation will be added to the outcome of other Commission Horizon 2020 mid-term assessment activities (e.g. Factories of the Future progress report) and will help to shape the final years of Horizon 2020 while also contributing to the European Union’s planning for Horizon 2020’s successor programme (currently referred to as FP9).

Stakeholder Consultation Results