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Chairman Addresses South Africa's Pre-Eminent Manufacturing Conference

on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 12:00.

JOHANNESBURG, 30 June. EFFRA Chairman Maurizio Gattiglio has today addressed Manufacturing Indaba, South Africa's pre-eminent manufacturing conference.

The EFFRA Chairman stated that the 'Factories of the Future' partnership offered valuable lessons for manufacturing research and innovation in South Africa.

Mr. Gattiglio drew comparisons between the similar challenges faced by South African manufacturing and those faced by European manufacturing. However he also stressed the importance of new developments, such as the increasing digitisation of manufacturing, as offering great opportunities for manufacturing in South Africa and Europe.

EFFRA Meets Commissioner Oettinger at Roundtable on Digitising European Industry

on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 09:00.

BRUSSELS, 30 June. EFFRA’s Executive Director Željko Pazin has today participated in a high level roundtable meeting with Commissioner for the Digital Economy Günther Oettinger on Digitising European Industry.

The roundtable can be seen as a follow-up to the EFFRA co-organised workshop which took place in January and focused on research and innovation initiatives which are focusing on the topic. The report from the workshop contributed to the preparation of the roundtable.

EFFRA Discusses Digitisation of Manufacturing at Digital Assembly 2015

on Thursday, 18 June 2015 12:00.

RIGA, 18 June. Digitisation of industry and what it could mean for the digital single market were the focus of a dedicated workshop at the Digital Assembly, the European Union’s major gathering of stakeholders to discuss digital issues.

EFFRA’s Patrick Kennedy contributed to the panel discussion which considered best approaches to making digitisation work, digitising industry and related issues.

The panel agreed that Europe is well-positioned to get the most from digitisation, noting the strong role of manufacturing and its relationship with other types of enterprises. The discussion identified concerns generated by digitisation, in particular about data (collection, use and security) and manufacturing opportunities for Europe such the Internet of Things (IoT) and customer-centred production.