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Factories of the Future Partnership Logo Unveiled

on Thursday, 30 April 2015 09:00.

BRUSSELS, 30 April. A unique logo for the ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership was unveiled at the recent Impact Workshop. Commissioned by EFFRA and presented to the European Commission, the logo aims to provide a common identity for the Partnership and its projects.

Combining familiar elements from ‘Factories of the Future’ themes, EFFRA and the European Commission, the logo will feature on all partnership-related material and on project websites thereby generating a familiar brand which clearly communicates the programme which is supporting the project and European support for research and innovation.

For more information on the use of the logo and for copies of the logo for your project, contact EFFRA directly.

EFFRA Welcomes Commission Prioritisation of Smart Industry

on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 14:00.

BRUSSELS, 25 March. EFFRA has today welcomed the European Commission’s prioritization of smart industry as an area for action in its Digital Single Market Strategy.

Today’s Commission’s announcement singles out the integration of new technologies and management of a transition to a smart industrial system as areas for action. This aligns to the existing strategic research agenda of the European Union’s ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership and to national strategies such as Industrie 4.0.

Speaking in response to the announcement EFFRA Executive Director Željko Pazin said “This is a very welcome and far-sighted decision by the Commission. Digitalisation in and around manufacturing is vital for European re-industrialisation and is already being addressed in the ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership. However the Commission must match such prioritisation with all forms of support”.

FoF-Impact Project Kicks Off

on Thursday, 05 February 2015 10:00.

BRUSSELS, 5 February. FoF-Impact, a new project to increase the impact of the ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership, held its kick-off meeting on 5 February.

FoF-Impact is a two-year European project coordinated by EFFRA that is working to increase the impact of the European Union’s ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership under Horizon 2020. The project ultimately aims to speed up and increase the exploitation and up-take of ‘Factories of the Future’ project results.

To achieve the transformation to an innovation programme, FoF-Impact will integrate a set of tools and measures in support of the exploitation of ‘Factories of the Future’ project results. FoF-Impact will build upon the existing work including the EFFRA Innovation Portal which offers a dynamic community-based environment for sharing and retrieving information about exploitable results.