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Title Collaborative Manufacturing Network for Competitive Advantage
Website address www.comvantage.eu
Project duration 36 months (2011-09-01 until 2014-08-31)
Number of participants 13 participants
Total budget - EC contribution 10,941,335 Euro - 7,339,000 Euro
ComVantage is envisioned to be an inter-organisational collaboration space turning today’s organisation-centred manufacturing approach into a product-centred one. Manufacturers will benefit from a flexible, efficient platform that helps them to operate as one virtual factory and thus gain competitive advantages in their markets.

Based on best practises of Web 2.0 technologies the collaboration space will be an extension to existing business and engineering software.

The framework of the virtual factory will encompass a secure access control that is founded on dynamic workflow models and flexible user roles accounting for large enterprises, SMEs and for end-customers. It will enable temporary and decentralised access management for ad-hoc collaboration between geographically distributed experts.

To adhere to changing working situations, to efficient communication, and to rich interaction technologies, ComVantage will focus on mobile devices. Intuitive and secure mobile apps will support users in fast decision making and problem solving. Information from different sources across the organisations will be provided and maintained via ‘Linked Data’. The integration of sensor data allows for products to be members of the collaboration space.

A continuous evaluation of the ICT and business model considering use cases throughout the project will verify the added-value of ComVantage for European industry. The utilisation of existing technologies, a close user approach, and an incremental project set-up will provide sound concepts ready for fast production.

Thus implementing ComVantage will increase lean communication, agile and highly efficient production processes, cost control and a low carbon footprint.
Summary of most striking achievements
Clustering - cooperation with other projects No cooperation with other projects reported.
International cooperation No international cooperation reported.
Call topic FoF.ICT.2011.7.3
Call topic title Virtual Factories and enterprises
Instrument Large-scale integrating project

Spin-offs (including results)  
- A spinoff is currently in setup phase by one partner of the ComVantage project   Related to project result 'Flexible workflow runtime for agile business environments ' More...


Standardisation aspects  

(Note: The information in this section is being collected. Information may therefore be incomplete)
Relating machine and business data for added business value - - More...
Simplified interface for remote machine access - - More...
Self-service business process modelling platform for interorganizational collaboration - - More...
Advanced business process modelling support for collaborative interorganizational environments - - More...
Secure information sharing along a distributed product value chain - - More...
Flexible workflow runtime for agile business environments - - More...
Improved remote prediction and collaborative identification of machine defects to reduce downtimes - - More...
Collaborative mobile maintenance to accelerate on-site error detection - - More...
Cycle-time validation support for engineers for accelerated on-site plant commissioning operations - - More...
Mobile support for production line equipment testing to speed up time-to-factory - - More...
Consumer involvement in design & production process - - More...
Improved production network logistics due to operation and process transparency via mobile devices - - More...

Weight = 50 Weight = 50 50/100
-customer integration into production processes - support for process status transparency and late customization - support of fine-grained customization of individual products (not mass customization)
Weight = 70 Weight = 70 70/100
-ad-hoc adaptation of production processes w.r.t changing business and technical constraints - ad-hoc adaptation of tool support (e.g. mobile App Ensembles)

Adapter for semantic lifting of field/machine data (based on proprietary machine middleware), harmonization and interlinking of field/machine data with business data based on Linked Data principles
collaboration space w.r.t. secure cross-domain / cross-organizational user authentication and fine-grained user authorization (based on graph-concepts, Linked Data principles)
Collaboration space for manufacturing-oriented virtual enterprises (of distributed collaboration partners/stakeholders) - location independent access based on mobile applications, interlinking remote resources (e.g. experts, business data, field data,...)
Weight = 40 Weight = 40 40/100
Virtual, decentralized manufacturing networks with support for consumer integration provide the chance for new business models
Weight = 40 Weight = 40 40/100
Weight = 40 Weight = 40 40/100
Enhancements of real-world-integration related standards with Linked Data principles - access to open modelling platform (OMI)


  (The content of this section is being collected)
ComVantage collaboration architecture capable for on-premise and on-demand (cloud) installations - ComVantage as cloud-based / hosted collaboration space for on-demand usage
Reuse and customization of generic mobile apps for agile orchestration of complex business processes - generic apps to be offered as industry-specifc sets (or potentially in an open professional app market space)
Harmonization and interlinking of field/machine data with business data (e.g. from legacy systems) - leveraging of direct links to improve real-world monitoring and integration into business applications
Cross-domain / cross-organizational user authentication in virtual manufacturing enterprises - fine-grained user authorization based on global (network scope) roles on local (RDF-based) data sets

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