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Project Acronym Title   Project end date website   Duration
Zero Vibrations 0000-00-00   0
ZAero Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry 2019-09-30   36
Z-Fact0r Zero-defect manufacturing strategies towards on-line production management for European factories 2020-03-31 http://www.z-fact0r.eu/   42
XS2I4MS Access to I4MS 2018-02-28   30
X-ACT Expert cooperative robots for highly skilled operations for the factory of the future 2015-09-30 http://www.xact-project.eu/   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 11 | Demontrators published: 3
  Clustering X-act has participated in a number of clustering activities with relevant projects.

European Robotics Forum in 2014

European Robotics Forum 2015
Workshop Flexibility and Dexterity in industrial robots: Demonstrators of new frontiers in industrial applications
Projects: X-act, AUTORECON, HEPHESTOS, SwarmItFIX, Tomsy

Workshop Hybrid Production Systems
Projects: X-act, ROBO-PARTNER, LIAA, Factory in a Day, FourbyThree, Symbio-TIC, SIMPLEXITY

World Manufacturing Forum 2014
e-custom, eneplan, knowfact, s&r, x-act, autorecon,know4car common booth with flyers & videos

LETS 2014
e-custom, eneplan, knowfact, s&r, x-act, autorecon, know4car common booth with flyers & videos
  Spin-offs/Start-ups - This result has been implemented as module of a commercial solution.   Related to project result 'Simulation of Dual Arm Robots ' More...
- This result has been implemented as module of a commercial solution.   Related to project result 'OLP Programming Suite ' More...
  Standardisation - Participate in the C184/SC2/WG3.
Developing the new version of standard ISO/TS 15066, -Robots and robotic devices – industrial Safety requirements Collaborative industrial robots.

WRIST Innovative Welding Process for New Rail Infrastructures 0000-00-00 http://www.wrist-project.eu   0
WHITE'R White room based on Reconfigurable robotic Island for optoelectronics 2016-08-31 www.whiterproject.eu   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 6 | Demontrators published: 2
  Clustering The white’R consortium participated, on March 2014, to the impact workshop organized by the European Commission in the area of Mantain / Repair / Re-use / Adapt. In that occasion white’R clustered with seven other projects from the same area: I-MAN, Power-OM, EASE-R3, T-REX, SelSus, Reborn and SUPREME. All the clustered projects have in common the objective to increase the availability of production systems & OEE; to reduce the energy consumption and the renovation and repair costs; to take into account the entire life cycle of machines and products, with particular attention to the middle-of-life and end-of-life stages towards a 100% reuse of production system components, focusing on modular equipment when setting-up production systems for new product variants. The clustering action succeeded in sharing knowledge among clustered projects, easing dissemination activities, creating awareness among the consortium by informing about activities, goals and results of other projects in the same area and creating opportunities of further collaboration.
  Spin-offs/Start-ups - Prima Electro invested in 2014 in the first Italian diodes fab for high power laser applications. It is important to stress how the results of White’R project are strictly connected to this initiative, both for the opportunity to dedicate the experience of the diode fab group to the project and the possibility to host the final first prototype of the White’R cell. Thanks to White’R project it was possible to increase the diode fab value, supporting the activities and implementing the new ones; nevertheless lot of people where dedicated to the work as new personnel.
  Standardisation - Green-labelling and standardization procedures framework

WAFERLEVELOPTICS WaferLevelOptics - Specific Technological Developments to Create an Intelligent and Scalable Production Platform for Glass Optics Manufacturing 2013-09-30 www.waferleveloptics.org   36
VISTRA Virtual Simulation and Training of Assembly and Service Processes in Digital Factories 2014-08-31 www.vistra-project.eu   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 5 | Demontrators published: 5
  Clustering As part of its dissemination and exploitation strategy, the VISTRA project understands itself as a platform for international exchange and collaboration in research and development of virtual training and simulation tools and advanced manufacturing methodologies.

The project and its partners are engaged in several research networks and initiatives, collaborate with other research projects and support the development of strategies for future research, development and innovation.


Know4Car is an internet-based collaborative platform for managing manufacturing knowledge. The two EU-FP7 projects Know4Car and VISTRA have identified potential synergies and points of contact in the area of industrial assembly training for operators. For this reason both projects agreed on a collaborative relationship and a mutual exchange of experiences and outcomes during the complete project period. An annual consultation meeting of the VISTRA and the Know4Car consortia is considered to actively support this cooperation.
  International cooperation Intelligent Manufacturing System

The VISTRA-IMS initiative arises from the EU-FP7 project VISTRA as part of the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) program in the area of Innovation, Competence Development and Education. Whereas VISTRA-FP7 mainly focuses on the technological development of an advanced VR training setup for the automotive industry, VISTRA-IMS extends the scope of VISTRA-FP7 by new application areas, by more generic training, learning and assistance concepts and by international dissemination and exploitation activities.
  Spin-offs/Start-ups - www.sentio.net   Related to project result 'Data Import, Filter and Mapping ' More...
- www.flexstructures.de
spin-off company that is related to VISTRA and that is exploiting one part of the VISTRA solution   Related to project result 'Simulation of Flexible Parts ' More...
- www.sentio.net   Related to project result 'Knowledge Sharing Module ' More...
vf-OS Virtual Factory Open Operating System 2019-09-30   36
  Clustering DIGICOR Project
  Standardisation -
VENIS Virtual Enterprises by Networked Interoperability Services 2015-08-31 www.venis-project.eu   30
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 5 | Demontrators published: 5
VALERI Validation of Advanced, Collaborative Robotics for Industrial Applications 2015-10-31 www.valeri-project.eu   36
  Clustering SARISTU - Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures
Connection to VALERI: Technology for creating braided parts out of carbon reinforced plastic is being developed in SARISTU. In VALERI we are inspecting a braided carbon part manufactured in SARISTU. www.saristu.eu
ISABEL - Innovativer Serviceroboter mit Autonomie und intuitiver Bedienung für effiziente Handhabung und Logistik
Connection to VALERI: ISABEL is testing use-cases with the omniRob in semiconductor manufacturing and in a life science laboratory. KUKA and IFF are involved in both projects and general information (integration, general programming) is being shared between the projects. http://www.projekt-isabel.de/
ROBOSKIN- Skin-based Technologies and Capabilities for Safe, Autonomous and Interactive Robots
Connection to VALERI: Exchange of experiences with Project Coordinator regarding tactile skin implementation and integration on robots. www.roboskin.eu
TAPAS - Robotics-enabled Logistics and Assistive Services for the Transformable Factory of the Future
Connection to VALERI: KUKA is involved in both projects and general information (system integration, general programming) is being shared between the projects. http://www.tapas-project.eu/
SAPHARI - Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction
Connection to VALERI: KUKA is involved in both projects and general information regarding safety technologies and safeguarding techniques is being shared across the projects. http://www.saphari.eu/
  Spin-offs/Start-ups - NORTE - a spin-off from the Spanish company IDPSA
  Standardisation - VALERI is using measurement techniques for collision measurement that are new and will be required in some form for the upcoming TS 15066 when using Power and Force Limiting as the safeguarding method for human-robot collaboration. As the IFF is in the German Committee of the ISO TS 15066, the experiences gathered during the measurements taken in VALERI will serve to help improve the standard and also to give users practical knowledge about what to consider when carrying out the measurements.
UV-MARKING Development Of New Uv Laser For Customization At Industrial Level Through High Quality Marking On Differnt Materials 2015-06-30 www.uv-marking.eu   36
USE-IT-WISELY Innovative continuous upgrades of high investment product-services 2016-11-30 www.use-it-wisely.eu   39
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 11 | Demontrators published: 9
ULTRAWIRE Ultra Conductive Copper-Carbon Nanotube Wire 2016-09-30 www.ultrawire.eu   36
TWIN-CONTROL Twin-model based virtual manufacturing for machine tool-process simulation and control 2018-09-30 http://twincontrol.eu/   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 1 | Demontrators published: 0
TREASORES Transparent Electrodes for Large Area, Large Scale Production of Organic Optoelectronic Devices 2015-10-31 http://treasores.eu/   36
  Clustering GLADIATOR (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 604000
Clean4Yield (FP7-NMP-2011), under grant agreement n° 281027
  Standardisation - Standardization activites by NPL:
IEC TC 47 Semiconductor devices
IEC 62951-1 Ed. 1.0 Semiconductor devices - Flexible and stretchable semiconductor devices - Part 1: Bending test method for conductive thin films on flexible substrates

Trash to Cash 0000-00-00   0
ToMax Toolless Manufacturing of Complex Structures 2018-01-01 http://www.tomax-h2020.eu/   36
  International cooperation ToMax - AM of polymers: Industrial project (USA) starts 5/2015, Chinese-Austrian project starts 9/2015
THOMAS Mobile dual arm robotic workers with embedded cognition for hybrid and dynamically reconfigurable manufacturing systems 2020-09-30   48
THERMOBOT Autonomous robotic system for thermo-graphic detection of cracks 2014-12-31 www.thermobot.eu   36
  Clustering The project is part of the "High Performance Manufacturing" cluster, and a representative took part to the 1st and 2nd Workshops on Impact of the Factories of the Future PPP. The experience gained during these clustering action lead to the organization of the First workshop on the FoF cluster "Robots for Automation of Post-Production and other Auxiliary Processes" (RAPPAP), (http://www.dei.unipd.it/~ghidoni/rappap_workshop.html), co-located with the 13th conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS), held in Padova in July 2014.

The coordinator was also invited to take part into the Focus project (http://www.focusonfof.eu/), a CSA aimed at bringing together the experience gained in related projects.
THERMACO Smart Thermal conductive Al MMCs by casting 2016-08-31 www.thermaco.eu   36
  Clustering ERAMEC - SubCluster Metals in the area 3.2.5 composite materials (www.thermaco.eu/eramec)
  International cooperation FRIENZ - Facilitating research and innovation cooperation between Europe and New Zealand
TERRIFIC Towards Enhanced Integration of Design and Production in the Factory of the Future through Isogeometric Technologies 2014-08-31 www.terrific-project.eu   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 2 | Demontrators published: 2
  Clustering Cooperation with the FoF IP CloudFlow was establised in the overlap year with CloudFlow announcing their first call for Experiments at the TERRIFIC workshop and booth during World Manufacturing Forum July 1-2, 2014 in Milano. Cooperation with the FoF IP CloudFlow was established in the overlap year with CloudFlow announcing their first call for Experiments at the TERRIFIC workshop and booth during World Manufacturing Forum July 1-2, 2014 in Milano. The FoF Design and Simulation Cluster as well as the Zero Defect Manufacturing Cluster participated in the workshop.
  International cooperation Cooperation with Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics with respect to organization of Isogeometric Analysis related mini-symposia at SIAM conferences. Cooperation with ICES at the University of Texas at Austin with respect to the organization of the first international conferences on Isogeometric analysis.
  Standardisation - TERRIFIC has proposed extensions to ISO 10303 (STEP) with respect to IGA and the locally refined splines, thus simplifying industrial deployment of IGA and future exchange of IGA-models and results. The work towards standardization in WP5 now follows the time line of the ongoing revisions of ISO 10303 STEP. In year 3 (September 2013-Augsut 2014) the STEP standards ISO 10303-42, 50 and 52 were updated with the isogeometry data model concepts specified by TERRIFIC. The objective is to define a standard for the representation of isogeometric data before engineering applications invent a variety of proprietary formats. The subsequent international ballot of these updates as part of the ISO 10303 STEP Module and Resource Library (SMRL) Change Request 10 concluded positively in April 2014; see document “SC 4 N2930 SMRL CR10 validation ballot result”. ISO TC 184/SC 4/WG 21 is currently incorporating the change request into the emerging version 6 of the ISO 10303 SMRL, which is a standard publicly available from ISO.
- Extension have been proposed to ISO 10303 STEP to support Isogeometric Analysis   Related to project result 'Ecosystem of software tools for IsogeoemtricRepresetnation and Analysis ' More...
TAPAS Robotics-enabled logistics and assistive services for the transformable factory of the future 2014-03-30 www.tapas-project.eu   42
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 0 | Demontrators published: 1
  Standardisation - Safety Systems and Safety (in human-robot-interaction)
Software modularity (e.g. skills)

T-REX Lifecycle Extension Through Product Redesign And Repair, Renovation, Reuse, Recycle Strategies For Usage&Reusage-Oriented Business Models 2016-09-30 http://www.t-rex-fp7.eu/   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 14 | Demontrators published: 3
SYMPLEXITY Symbiotic Human-Robot Solutions for Complex Surface Finishing Operations 2019-01-01 www.symplexity.eu   48
  Clustering - Factory-in-a-day - SYMBIO-TIC - FourByThree - Symplexity (see http://www.factory-in-a-day.eu/factory-in-a-day-at-the-european-robotics-forum-2015/ ). Furthermore the project itself is a cluster activity based on completed past projects. Based on the results from COMET (FP7), SAPHARI (FP7) and PoliMATIC (FP7) the the scope and area of application of this project are broadened.
  Standardisation - Safety in terms of human machine interaction is also an aspect of the project as most regulations prevent the human from sharing one work place with the robot. The SYMPLEXITY project consortium is also evaluation different concepts and solution approaches to safe human machine collaboration
Symbionica SYMBIONICA - Reconfigurable Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing of next generation fully personalized bionics and smart prosthetics 2018-09-30 http://www.symbionicaproject.eu   36
SYMBIO-TIC Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly: Technologies, Innovations and Competitiveness 2019-04-01 http://www.symbio-tic.eu/   48
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 17 | Demontrators published: 3
  Clustering - Factory-in-a-day - SYMBIO-TIC - FourByThree - Symplexity (see http://www.factory-in-a-day.eu/factory-in-a-day-at-the-european-robotics-forum-2015/ )
  International cooperation n/a
  Spin-offs/Start-ups - in progress
  Standardisation - Related to ISO 10218-1 :Robots and robotic devices -- Safety requirements for industrial robots

sustainablySMART Sustainable Smart Mobile Devices Lifecycles through Advanced Re-design, Reliability, and Re-use and Remanufacturing Technologies 2019-10-31   50
SUPREME SUstainable PREdictive Maintenance for manufacturing Equipment 2015-08-31 www.supreme-fof.eu   36
SUPERFLEX Develop and demonstrate a ‘Mini-factory concept for production of personalized skin care products for elderly population 2017-08-31 www.fp7-superflex.eu/   48
STREAM-0D Simulation in Real Time for Manufacturing with Zero Defects 2020-03-31   42
STELLAR Selective Tape-Laying for Cost-Effective Manufacturing of Optimised Multi-Material Components 2016-08-31 www.stellar-project.eu   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 0 | Demontrators published: 2
  Clustering Stellar is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Processes cluster (Area 6: Manufacturing Processes for Products Made of Composites or Engineered Metallic Materials). As such we are linked to the following projects: ADMACOM, COALINE, ECOGEL-CRONOS, ECOMIS, EFFIPRO, FIBREMAP, FORTAP, HIPPOCAMP, INCOM, METALMORPHOSIS (F), SCAIL-UP, THERMACO, ULTRAWIRE, AMBLIFIBR, COMMUNION, FINESOL, FLEXHYJOIN, JOIN-EM, SIMUTOOL
SO-PC-PRO Subject-Orientation for People-Centred Production 2016-09-30 www.so-pc-pro.eu   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 6 | Demontrators published: 5
  International cooperation SO-PC-Pro represents an IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing Systems) initiative
  Spin-offs/Start-ups - no spin-offs so far
  Standardisation - The project applies industry standards such as OPC UA (IEC 62541) or PLCOpenXML (IEC 61131-3) to provide means for (vertical and horizontal) process integration with Subject-oriented Process Management
SO SMART Socially sustainable manufacturing for the Factories of the Future – SO SMART 2015-02-28 http://www.chalmers.se/hosted/sosmart-en   18
SMARTLAM Smart production of Microsystems based on laminated polymer films 2016-01-31 http://www.smartlam.eu/   36
SKILLPRO Skill-based Propagation of Plug&Produce-Devices in Reconfigurable Production Systems by AML 2015-09-30 http://www.skillpro-project.eu/   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 2 | Demontrators published: 2
  Clustering Cooperation within the same call:
- I-RAMP3: http://www.i-ramp3.eu
- PRIME: www.prime-eu.com
- CassaMobile: http://www.cassamobile.eu
  Standardisation - Using Standards like OPC-UA for components communication, AutomationML for description, SOAP as kind of light weight access protocol to the data of the system and ROS as an execution base for the robots. There is although a constant discussion for influencing the AutomationML standard.
- "AutomationML", (Automation Mark-up Language) is an XML schema-based data format designed for the vendor independent exchange of plant engineering information in their different disciplines, e.g. mechanical plant engineering, electrical design, process engineering, PLC programming, robot programming etc.
"OPC Unified Architecture" is a set of specifications applicable to manufacturing software in application areas such as Field Devices, Control Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems.   Related to project result 'AutomationML and OPC UA ' More...
- OPC-UA, AutomationML, SOAP, ROS   Related to project result 'Integrated demonstrator SkillPro ' More...
SIMUTOOL Integrated design and novel tooling and process optimisation of microwave processing of composites 2019-02-28 http://www.simutool.com/   42
SIMPOSIUM Simulation Platform for Non Destructive Evaluation of Structures and Materials 2014-08-31 www.simposium.eu   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 1 | Demontrators published: 1
SENSE AND REACT Sense&React - The context-aware and user-centric information distribution system for manufacturing 2016-02-29 www.sense-react.eu   41
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 19 | Demontrators published: 3
  Clustering Ontological modelling of shopfloor assets, operations and engineering data, with Know4Car.
Discussions on potential fusion of context aware approaches with augmented reality techniques for information (operators instruction ) provision at shopfloor, with Know4Car.

World Manufacturing Forum 2014
e-custom, eneplan, knowfact, sense&react, x-act, autorecon,know4car common booth with flyers & videos

LETS 2014
e-custom, eneplan, knowfact, sense&react, x-act, autorecon, know4car common booth with flyers & videos

co-Summit 2015
SELSUS Health Monitoring and Life-Long Capability Management for SELf-SUStaining Manufacturing Systems 2017-08-31 http://www.selsus.eu   48
  Clustering SelSus started closer collaboration with the FP7 projects ReBorn and I-Ramp³. Furthermore, SelSus project is one of the core projects forming the H2020 CSA Co-Factor.
sCorPiuS European Roadmap for Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing 2017-02-01 http://www.scorpius-project.eu/   24
SCALABLE4.0 Scalable automation for flexible production systems 2020-06-30 www.scalable40.eu   42
  Standardisation -
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 11 | Demontrators published: 1
  Standardisation - Currently there are no regulations concerning the electrodeposition of materials using Ionic Liquids, and there is not any work group within the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation). Therefore, the guidelines to be developed in this task will provide the basis for conducting a standardization of these processes in order to extend the developed process to other suitable substrates (metallic or polymeric) and sectors (cosmetics, decoration, household appliances, mobile phone and computers manufacturing sector, etc.).   Related to project result 'Process to produce coatings for automotive sector by electrodeposition of Aluminium from ionic liquids ' More...
- REACH registration   Related to project result 'Process for producing ionic liquids to be used for Aluminium electrodeposition ' More...
- As most of the control and analytical methods that are going to be developed are based on conventional methods is very difficult to register them.   Related to project result 'Knowledge about the methodology to manage, characterize and control ionic liquid for electrodeposition in automotive sector ' More...
SatisFactory A collaborative and augmented-enabled ecosystem for increasing SATISfaction and working experience in smart FACTORY environments 2017-12-31 http://www.satisfactory-project.eu   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 22 | Demontrators published: 10
  Clustering Fact4Workers (running in parallel with Satisfactory in FoF-4-2014)
LinkedDesign (http://www.linkeddesign.eu/)
PLANTCockpit (http://plantcockpit.eu/) - Use of Results
FP7 project ebbits (http://www.ebbits-project.eu/) - Use of Results
  International cooperation IMS Collaboration with Mexican Company - Arenas y Bloques del Caribe (ABC)
- Examination of the potential of organizing a pilot in Mexico
- Common dissemination and outreach activities
  Spin-offs/Start-ups - The establishment of a spin-off company is under progress and it is going to be founded between CERTH and Regola srl (REGOLA). The company's products will be related to the implementations of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies upon the Industry, the Construction and the Maintenance Sector.
  Standardisation - The project will investigate for potential patenting & standardizing Augmented Reality Glasses for Manufacturing Domain (e.g. knowledge transfer among workers, etc) within project lifetime.
AR glasses will be further developed in SatisFactory by GlassUp partner.
GlassUp partner has already patented AR glasses at national level.
SAFIRE Cloud-based Situational Analysis for Factories providing Real-time Reconfiguration Services 2019-09-30   36
S-MC-S Sustainable Mass Customization - Mass Customization for Sustainability 2013-04-30 http://web.ttsnetwork.net/SMCS/pages/index.jsp   36
ROBUSTPLANET Shock-robust Design of Plants and their Supply Chain Networks 2016-09-30 https://www.robustplanet.eu   36
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 7 | Demontrators published: 6
  Clustering Resilient Production Networks Cluster

Together with the FLEXINET and ManSYS (FP7 projects) the Resilient Production Networks cluster is starting to be created. In the next phase, an other projects will be invitaed to join.

In the vision created, a Resilient Production Network supports:
(1) the co-evolution of products, services and production technology, through their ability to adapt the network configuration to change as a matter of routine;
(2) innovation by exploiting their flexibility and enabling them to encourage disruptive change;
3) the integration of systems flexibly across changing network configurations.

The primary objectives of this cluster are:
1. Bring together FP 7 and H2020 FoF projects focused on methods, tools, services, applications and platforms for strategic, tactical, operational and process support for Resilient Production Networks;
2. Offer synergies in project exploitation
3. Provide opportunities for integration and harmonisation of results
4. Promotion of future calls for proposals for research relevant to Resilient Production Networks.

The Resilient Production Networks cluster will be formally presented during the Impact Workshop organized by the European Commission to be held in Brussels between the 29th and 30st of April in Brussels.
ROBOFOOT Smart robotics for high added value footwear industry 2013-02-28 www.robofoot.eu   30
ROBO-PARTNER Seamless Human-Robot Cooperation for Intelligent, Flexible and Safe Operations in the Assembly Factories of the Future 2017-04-30 www.robo-partner.eu   42
  Results & demonstrators published Results published: 10 | Demontrators published: 10
  Clustering Cooperation with other projects has been accomplished.

European Robotics 2014
Joint workshop with the following projects:
ROBO-PARTNER, Factory in a Day, LIAA

European Robotics 2015
Workshop Hybrid Production Systems
Projects: X-act, ROBO-PARTNER, LIAA, Factory in a Day, FourbyThree, Symbio-TIC, SIMPLEXITY
  Standardisation - ISO-10218
ISO/TS-15066 Robots and robotic devices — Collaborative robots
TC184/SC2 committee of BSI (British Standard Institution)

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