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Result Acronym Title Related project Project end date
CassaMobile Container-integrated factory prototype CASSAMOBILE 2016-08-31
VPS Versatile Production System IMPROVE 2018-08-31
Rib Assembly Demonstrator 2: “Rib Assembly” SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Supercharger Demonstrator 3: “Supercharger” SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Food packing Demonstrator 1: Food Packaging SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
No Acronym specified Supervisory control tool SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Multimodal commanding Real-time multimodal command processing and interaction SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
RCHG Robot control with hand gestures SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Context-aware Context-aware instruction generation SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
MWITS Mobile worker identification and tracking system SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Taxonomy Taxonomy of human-robot cooperation in assembly systems SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
ECP External Communication Package for Open Source Domains SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Force control Force control SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Zero programming Zero programming modules SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Trajectory planner Energy efficient trajectory planner SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
ACA Active collision avoidance system and algorithms SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
3D 3D modelling software tools SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Task planning Feature based assembly task planning tool SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
Integration environment Integration environment for H-R collaboration SYMBIO-TIC 2019-04-01
HRC-Sim Simulation for Human Robot Cooperation LIAA 2017-09-01
PiTaSC PiTaSC LIAA 2017-09-01
URCaps UR Capabilities LIAA 2017-09-01
SMARTWATCH Smartwatch Application LIAA 2017-09-01
UTD Uniform Task Description LIAA 2017-09-01
LIAA OPEL OPEL Demonstrator LIAA 2017-09-01
HAR Human Activity Recognition LIAA 2017-09-01
CAD-Based Programming CAD-Based Programming LIAA 2017-09-01
MRU Mobile Robot Unit LIAA 2017-09-01
FLEXICAST R-25 Cast iron equipment design FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-11 Mini-converter FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-24 Fluid-dynamic knowledge of innovative cast iron industrial processes FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-23 Knowledge of innovative cast iron industrial processes FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-22 Methodology of innovative cast iron industrial processes FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-18 Knowledge of LCA in cast iron foundry process FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-7 Cast iron rings FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-12 Expert system for foundry production based on real time production parameters FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-5 Internal sanity equipment #2 for cast iron pieces FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-3 Furnace(plus) FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-2 "Hot " tundish (small) FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-16 Deburring tool holder FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-13 Rugged manual guidance device FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-14 Control of deburring process by robotic units FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-1 New cast iron manufacturing production line FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-15 Cast iron microstructure modelling FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-21 Innovative Inoculation system FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-6 Wireless Data logger box FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-4 Internal sanity equipment #1 for cast iron pieces FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-9 Software system for diagnosis and prognosis based on Differential Thermal Analysis (plus) FLEXICAST 2016-10-31
FLEXICAST R-8 Multi-dynamic innoculation system FLEXICAST 2016-10-31

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