FoF-Impact is a two-year European project coordinated by EFFRA and funded through the Factories of the Future PPP (Grant agreement number 637212). The project's objective is to increase the impact of the European Union’s ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership under Horizon 2020. The project ultimately aims to speed up and increase the exploitation and up-take of ‘Factories of the Future’ project results.

  • Increasing Impact

    To achieve the transformation to an innovation programme, FoF-Impact will integrate a set of guidelines, tools and measures in support of the exploitation of ‘Factories of the Future’ project results. FoF-Impact will build upon the existing work including the EFFRA Innovation Portal (see which offers a dynamic community-based environment for sharing and retrieving information about exploitable results.

    Tailor-Made Tools & Guidelines

    FoF-Impact envisages the creation of a ‘Factories of the Future’ Help-Desk that will service both individual ‘Factories of the Future’ projects and clusters of ‘Factories of the Future’ projects.

    Facilitating Collaboration

    FoF-Impact will facilitate collaboration between stakeholders who are capable of enhancing the impact of the ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership at a local level. These stakeholders include manufacturing companies, European, national and regional initiatives, technology transfer and market-uptake experts, RTOs, investors and potential users of the project results.

    Stimulation of networking among the projects

    The interaction among projects, including project clustering, is supported by the EFFRA Innovation Portal and through thematic events (e.g. technologies, challenges, application sectors etc.). FoF-Impact encourages such interaction in order to identify additional opportunities for the exploitation of project results.

    Project Consortium

    EFFRA | Agoria | CRIT | LMS | Mondragon | Swerea IVF | Tecnalia | TWI | VDMA



    The FoF-Impact project is funded by the European Union through the 'Factories of the Future' Public-Private Partnership under Horizon 2020.

  • The backbone of the toolkit is set of success factors for industrial exploitation of project results.

    See the full list of success factors here.

  • Additional Impact Projects

    In addition to FoF-Impact, four other projects under FoF-07-2014 call topic are working to support the enhancement of the impact of the ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership. These projects are:



    The impact projects are funded by the European Union through the 'Factories of the Future' Public-Private Partnership under Horizon 2020.